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Whole life insurance - Caters to long-term goals by offering consumers consistency Universal life insurance - Gives consumers flexibility




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Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF) and Segregated Funds

Do you like the feeling of knowing that your money is well invested and well protected? Guaranteed Investment Funds & Segregated funds combine the growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of principal guarantees.

Guaranteed Investment Funds are essentially mutual funds sold by life insurance companies. They provide a guarantee to protect part or all of the money you invest (75% to 100%). Even if the underlying fund loses money, your are guaranteed to get back some or all of your principal investment at maturity date.

When you want protection with your market-based investments, look to Guaranteed Investment Funds.

At CF, we offer a variety of investment solutions to meet a variety of needs. That means providing choice, opportunity and security. Your financial advisor can help you structure an approach to your investments, which takes into account your personal investment style, your financial goals and your tolerance for risk. Our various investment products are designed to carry you through your investment life – Investment Planning, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.

Through CF, you can select an individual fund or a complete managed solution with all the major Canadian Insurance Companies. Work with your advisor to choose the investment products that are right for you. Regardless of what your choose, the investment products ensure that you will have guarantees that matter.

Guaranteed Investment fund investment benefits
  • Take advantage of the policy features and also benefit from the proven track record and world-class investment from Canada’s top money managers.
  • Choose from a wide variety of professionally managed asset types, such as stocks, bonds and commodities.
  • Diversify your portfolio geographically and by investment style, e.g. growth or value funds
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